Your life in a book...

(This is how we do it.)

So you’ve got all your photos, you’ve got all your text, you can’t wait to have the book in your hands, now what?

The steps outlined below will give you an overview of the process, and ensure smooth file transfers from your computer to ours.


1. You will need to provide us with your images and text digitally.

                 • Please ensure all your images are high resolution (300 dpi preferred, 200 dpi minimum)

                 • Run spell check on all your text documents.

                 • Contact us for information on how to send your files.

2. The design work begins once all source material has been received & takes approx. 14 days to complete.

3. A digital proof will be emailed to you for your approval.

4. Upon your approval; 

                 • your book will be sent to print and changes can no longer be made.

                 • the printing and binding process begins and takes approximately 12-15 days.

5. Your custom-made book is delivered.




• Only one digital proof will be sent to you.

• All books are fully custom-designed.

• Each client receives a completely unique book.

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