...The cost?

(It's ok, it's money well-spent.)

So how much will it cost to put your life in a book? The book will be tailored to your budget, the pricing guidelines here are based on a per-page cost, you decide how much you want to spend, and we will design your book accordingly.


• Theme / Cover Design (ALL SIZES): $150.00

             BOOK SIZE                            PRICE PER PAGE

             • Square (7x7)                         $8.50 per page

             • Landscape (10x8)                 $10.00 per page

             • Portrait (8x10)                       $10.00 per page

             • Large Landscape (13x11)     $11.50 per page

             • Large Square (12x12)           $13.00 per page


• a 100-page 13x11 inches book: $1,300 
  (includes design, printing, binding, and shipping costs)




• Books may range from a minimum of 30 pages to a maximum of 440 pages

• Pricing is based on ONE printed copy.  Please contact us for pricing of multiple copies.

• A 30% retainer is required prior to the beginning of any work.   

• The balance is due in full upon confirmation of shipment of your book.

• Softcover books are available for the following sizes only:  Square (7X7), Portrait (8x10), & Landscape (10X8)

• If you require your images to be scanned, an additional charge of $75 per scanning hour will be applied.

• If you require intensive photo restoration, an additional charge of $100 per photo will be applied.

• All prices are in US Dollars.

• Payment methods: Paypal Only  (Contact us for details regarding Paypal payments)

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